Newest Bayside Condos for Sale

Bayside Condo Listings, Reviews and Data:

  • Total units: 232
  • Unit types: 1 & 2 bedroom condos + 13 town homes
  • Number of Floors: 36
  • Square Footage: 1,190 - 3,226
  • Approximate price range: $700,000 - $3,000,000
  • HOA fees: Approx $800 - $1,000
  • Amenities: The Bayside condos offers true concierge services, pool, steam room & sauna, gym, wine tasting room, conference room, movie theator room, reading room/library, club house lounge with 4 plasma televisions and 24 hour staffed security, including staffed security at the entrance to the parking garage.
  • Year Built: 2009
  • Annual turnover %: 5.6
  • Price change prior year: -0.4%
  • Price change from 3 years ago: -3.1%
  • Other: Floors 5-28 have 7 units per floor, floors 29-32 have 5 units, floors 35 & 36 have 3. Units on floors 5-28 are numbered counter clockwise with the X1 unit directly west, SW X2, South X3, East X4 & X5, North is X6 and NW X7. Note the East facing X6 & X7 floorplans do have great bay views looking SW & NW, you can sit on the sofa and still see a lot of water. Each of these units actually has a tall and narrow window facing directly west. 

I represented more buyers who purchased brand new units from Bosa Development than any other agent (seven). 

If you like the Bayside condos, you may also want to check out the Grande condos located next door to the South. 

Units facing these directions will probably see: 

  • West: There is a Whydham hotel in front of the Bayside condos, its on the other side of Pacific Highway. Its about 16 stories high. So west facing units above the 17th floor will look over it. However, even the lower floor west facing units have great views off to the side of the hotel. If your buying at the Bayside condominiums because of the view, I recommend the West, or North/West views. 
  • North: Directly across the street are the Breeza condos, and eight story building. Units on say the 10th floor and up have very unobstructed views as far North as the eye can see. You can even watch the plans fly in and land on the runway. 
  • East: As of 2017, panoramic city views, but a new high rise condo tower is being built (Savina Condos) now that will obscure some of the East views, the Savina tower is offset to the North of Bayside tower. 
  • South: Right next door to the South are the Grande condos, the great views are to the SW, but again there is are major development plans with several high rises that will effectively wipe most of that view out. There will probably still be some view corridors but I would say 75% or so of the present view (2014) will be gone over the next 3-9 years. Yes it will take several years because of all the buildings (12 or more) planned. 

Note: These views may change in the future or if you are on a very low floor may not have any view. Each buyer should verify on their own. Above statements are only one man’s opinions and are not guaranteed to be accurate and are not to be used as part of a real estate contract.

1325 Pacific Highway

Very Walkable

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Summary of Resident Reviews 

Below is a summary of all the reviews provided by the residents living in this property. Rating scale is from one to five stars. [Rating and Review Disclosure]

  Poor      Avg      Best
Average rating starstarstarstarhalf star
Relaxed feeling of home starstarstarstarhalf star
Views starstarstarstarstar
Noiseless inside starstarstarstarhalf star
Proximity to shopping/restaurants starstarstarstarhalf star
Security starstarstarstarstar
Concierge/Doorman starstarstarstarstar
Pool starstarstarstarhalf star
Exercise facilities starstarstarstarhalf star
Parking starstarstarstarstar
Maintenance starstarstarstarhalf star
HOA effectiveness starstarstarstarhalf star
Quality of construction starstarstarstarstar
Like the most: Wow, the residents of the Bayside condos have a lot of positive things to say about living there. The two items most residents praised were the views and the quality of the building. A few residents mentioned they loved the high quality finishes and appliances. Also high marks were also given for its close proximity to “everything” including airport, freeways, Amtrak, Farmers Market and the Embarcadero. Bosa Development has built over 30,000 individual condos and it shows with the praise given to the floor plans in the Bayside condos. Lastly, some positive comments on the management staff.
Like the least: One resident complained there were too many dogs, while another said they wish you were allowed to have more than two cats.
Other comments: "This is paradise" "Pool is magnificent, but in a wind tunnel, so its cold a windy." "A great place to live would highly recommend it." Some common praise for having a separate laundry rooms in some floor plans versus the stacked washer and dryers so commonly found downtown.