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Grande Condo Listings, Reviews and Data:

  • Total units: 460
  • Unit types: 1 & 2 bedroom condos & townhouses
  • Number of Floors: 39
  • Square Footage: 899 - 1,980
  • Approximate price range: $500,000 - $2,500,000
  • HOA fees: $850 - $900
  • Amenities: The Grande condos offer 24 hour security, 24 hour concierge, lap pool, barbecue, sauna, steam room, gym, entertainment room, meeting rooms, guest suite.
  • Year Built: South tower 2004, North tower 2005
  • Annual turnover %: 8.5
  • Price change prior year: +13.3%
  • Price change from 3 years ago: +40.8%
  • Other: The Grande consist of two twin towers located as close to the bay as city residential zoning allows. The two towers are almost identical, each with their own pool, gym, security, etc. There are 6 units per floor until you reach the 35th floor than there are only 3 per floor. The unit numbers in the South tower (1199 address) start with the 01 unit on the NW side in the middle, the 02 is the NE corner, the 03 is the one bedroom facing E, the 04 is the SE corner, the 05 SW middle and 06 the front point unit. In the North tower (1205 address) the 01 is the front point unit, going clock wise around with the 06 the SW middle unit. 

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Units facing these directions will probably see: 

  • West: The view to the West and South West is obstructed looking out to the bay by a new (2015) Marriott hotel and soon just to the South of that hotel in the parking lot will be another hotel built with 19 stories. The NW views towards the bay are safe from these hotels. West & SW facing units should still have views between these hotels and of course the upper floors will be able to look over the hotels. This is the most sought after view in the Grande condos, every unit (except the one bedrooms) has some view to the west. If your looking on line almost every Realtor posting a listing on line will show as the main photo, the view to the west. Lets look at which units have the most western views. The 1,944 sq.ft. units are the only ones facing directly west. These units also have some exposure to the South and North. In the South tower of the Grande condos (1199 address) this is the units numbered XX06. In the North tower (1205) address, these are the XX01 units. 
  • North: The North view from the Grande condominiums is the safest view as it will have the least amount of future construction going up. Each Grande tower will be looking directly North at another high rise, either the North tower of the Grande or the Bayside condos (from the North tower). The NW view includes a view of the airport runway if your high enough, roughly half way up or so. 
  • East: The East view is a great city skyline and night lights view. Look down and you will see the trains at the Amtrak station. 
  • South: This is a great view in 2015, but there is a lot of future development planned for the parking lots between these condos and the bay. The SW view is also great but a high risk of losing some of the water views as new construction take place. If you are in the South tower, note there are plans to build a high rise condo tower in the parking lot adjacent to the Grande on the South side. 

Note: These views may change in the future or if you are on a very low floor may not have any view. Each buyer should verify on their own. Above statements are only one man’s opinion and are not guaranteed to be accurate. 

1199 Pacific Highway

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Summary of Resident Reviews 

Below is a summary of all the reviews provided by the residents living in this property. Rating scale is from one to five stars. [Rating and Review Disclosure]

  Poor      Avg      Best
Average rating starstarstarstarhalf star
Relaxed feeling of home starstarstarstarhalf star
Views starstarstarstarstar
Noiseless inside starstarstar
Proximity to shopping/restaurants starstarstarstarhalf star
Security starstarstarstarstar
Concierge/Doorman starstarstarstarhalf star
Pool starstarstarstar
Exercise facilities starstarstarstarhalf star
Parking starstarstarstar
Maintenance starstarstarstarstar
HOA effectiveness starstarstarstar
Quality of construction starstarstarstar
Like the most: Residents at The Grande have conveyed to me they love the views, as they are some of the best in town. The views are very panoramic and include the bay, city lights, cruise ships (directly across the street), the airport and all the way to Coronado and Point Loma. Several residents were very complimentary of the on-site staff. Residents here like the ?extras? such as the guest suite, conference room, dry sauna, etc. Residents here also feel they are close to everything and can even walk to most places of interest.
Like the least: A few residents complained about the dust from near by construction.
Other comments: The Grande resident's also feel the building has a lot of energy as a result of being close to the trains and ships in the bay. A lot of people are glad to be located next to the trolley and train (Amtrak) for the convenience of commuting or traveling.