Condo Comparison

Downtown San Diego has about a hundred condo buildings for a buyer to choose from. Its an overwhelming number of choices. As of 2017, there are about 250 resale condos to choose and two new condo building under construction. 

How is a buyer to begin searching for the condo that best meets their wish list?  Most buyers make the mistake of searching through listing by price. Sounds logical, but it’s a trap and time waster in the end. That approach does not work because the information contained in many on line databases of listings downloaded from the MLS, is very limited in terms of providing enough information for a buyer to rule out a property or keep it on their possibilities list. 

Finally there is now a way for buyers to see the downtown condo buildings all on one chart in a RELATIVE comparison of quality and pricing. The purpose of this chart is to help buyers understand that some condos are priced so low because the quality is so low. Likewise, the chart also helps buyers identify true values when shopping around for a deal. Buyers who have the ability to pay top dollar for a condo can help eliminate those buildings that are overpriced for the relative quality of some other offerings. 



The chart has four boxes, with price on the vertical axis and Quality on the horizontal axis. So the upper right corner is a combination of the highest quality and highest price. The opposite corner, the lower left, is the least expensive and the lowest relative quality. I should note these quality ratings are my own personal interpretation relative to one another. The upper left hand corner is the highest priced and lowest quality, this corner of the chart does not have any buildings in it, meaning the low quality building have not been able to command a high price, which makes sense. The lower right hand corner is ideally where you want to look. A building in this corner means it’s the highest quality and the lowest price.

Some of the not so good values is the Harbor Club condominiums. Again this is a matter of personal preference but it does have one strong point that is an important point out. The Harbor Club condos have some of the best views in downtown San Diego. They look directly over the convention center so the bay views are not obstructed unless you look sharply off to one side or the other.

Use of this chart should prove very useful to the prospective downtown condo shopper as it gives them a relative education not found anywhere else except through years of experience visiting these condos, conversing with the owners and even taking surveys of the home owners to get their input on the building.