Newest East Village Condos for Sale

East Village Condos for Sale

Boosted by plans surrounding Petco Park, development has skyrocketed in this district, the last to be developed by the city. Other projects include: Park at the Park, a picnic area and neighborhood park; East Village Square, a 500,000 square foot retail, entertainment and office development north of the ballpark; Campus at the Park, space for technology and office buildings on Park Boulevard; and the Park to Bay Link, a tree-lined promenade linking Balboa Park and San Diego Bay along Twelfth Avenue. Furthermore, four hotels, a new Main Library and numerous public improvements are planned.

East Village is San Diego's largest and most rapidly developing neighborhood. Schools, a central police station, commercial services and industry balance the residential land use. This center of modern urban development is also San Diego's arts district, spotted with artists' homes, studios, galleries and shops. The Redevelopment Agency has focused on giving East Village residents "an enviable quality of life" through beautification, rehabilitation, employment opportunities, and the development of East Village as an arts and entertainment center.

East Village had suffered from deterioration, crime and homelessness before the Center City Community Plan was implemented in 1992. Vast public improvements, social services, and commercial and residential developments have made over East Village, with an emphasis on its rich culture. Now, former warehouses and other old buildings have been transformed into charming residential lofts. The New School of Architecture, San Diego City College and two high schools augment this neighborhood's youthful, creative population.

Written by San Diego's Center City Development Corporation.

At the end of 2017 there were 52 condos for sale in the East Village neighborhood with an average sales price of $626,000 and an average price per square foot of $602.

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