Resident Reviews Explained

Client education is a large part of my customer service philosophy and the best way to understand what it is like in a particular condominium is to hear it straight from the residents living there. This philosophy led me to survey all the downtown homeowners asking them to rate their property in a broad range of categories and asked specifically what they liked the best and the least. The survey results you see published for each property are the averages of the resident ratings. In addition, the comments are a consolidation of their opinions. Residents are incentivized to respond to the survey for a chance to win several gift certificates to downtown retailers. The drawings are random and their survey ratings and or comments do not influence the drawing results. 

Note that the surveys are only a snapshot in time (taken usually about a year after construction) and that some comments provided to me over time will change such as views, etc. In particular some negative comments provided to me may have resulted from problems that have since been fixed or remedied since the survey. 

Surveys are not updated; they are usually only taken once. The number or respondents to the survey represents only a simple random sampling. It's been my experience that only a small number of residents respond to the survey. Not enough to qualify as a statistically valid sample, yet still provides some insight from the residents living there.

This survey data and text is to be used only by my clients that have an exclusive listing or buyer's agreement with me. If you are not my client you are not authorized to use the survey results.

These survey results are not to become part of any real estate contract and are not to be used to fulfill the buyers and sellers obligations with regard to disclosures.

Opinions of me and survey respondents protected by the First Amendment (freedom of speech).