Ever since the brand new super prime Pacific Gate condos began selling pre-construction there was a lot of talk among buyers and Realtors not familiar with the developer (Bosa) or the architect (KPF) that the residences were just too expensive.   The main reason for that was people under estimated the quality of the building both in design and finish level.  Same can be said for their HOA fees which are higher than most but not by much and the quantity and quality of these amenities is far superior to all other buildings downtown. 

Now that the Pacific Gate condominium building has model residences open to tour in person buyer and agents alike are beginning to realize that you get what you pay for and in compared to other resales on the market its actually a bargain compared to some competing resales.   Take for example, just yesterday a resale condo in the Meridian building came on the market with an asking price of over $2,000 per square foot.  Here is a link to details of that very expensive resale:http://www.liveatthetop.com/property/180001050/

For those of you not familiar with The Meridian, its over 30 years old and while in a good location is not on the residential front row.  Compare this to Pacific Gate prices for units also on the 25th floor which are selling for less than $1,200/sf for some floor plans.  Even the most expensive residence at Pacific Gate is way under $2,000/sf,

So if you have looked at Pacific Gate as an option but passed it over due to the prices, I encourage you to take another look as it seems to becoming a better value even before its ready for occupancy in Spring 2018.  Pacific Gate will offer an unparalleled residential experience with the plethora of amenities including a yacht to share, luxury cars to share, an onsite pet retreat (first condo to have one downtown), also the chef concierge, its going to be an amazing daily experience living at Pacific Gate. 

Pacific Gate Condominiums